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mbrace management
autonomousness complete
just be at the wheel, driveless
Driverless car is indeed a reality.  Yet it cannot be without a driver at its steering. Yes, driving gets reduced considerably. Meaning, drive less.This is exactly what mbracemanagement manifests. It intricately lays out processes across an organization that systematizes, streamlines and automates operations remarkably bringing down the burden off the management. Meaning, manage less. With mbrace management rolled out, the role of management is limited to controlling, monitoring performance after enunciating policy, objectives and targets.

To service the business verticals the mbrace management encompasses whole gamut of function:Healthcare | Education | Manufacturing | Media | Construction | Agro Processing | Automotives Retailing | Facility Management |

Hosted startup ecosystem to motivate and mentor, engage and empower startups to establish world-class enterprises drawing upon fresh, creative intelligence, newer skillsets and frontline technologies making foray into emerging markets.
 Human Resources
 Finance and Taxation
 Command and Control
 Supply Chain
 Assets, Estates and Facility
 Patient Service
 Product Development
 Operations and Maintenance
 Allied Medical Services
mentoring world-class entrepreneurs
Can a lifetime be spent doing routines? Nay you should get-out of the job and get-in to entrepreneurial engagement. Yes, there is risk. But you can tide over it by providing visionary leadership and following good management practices. The risk should not be viewed negatively. There is positive side to it that promises unlimited wealth creation.So the positive could undo the negative. That makes a strong case for becoming smart, global entrepreneur.

Should you decide to become one,mbrace startup ecosystem offers to take you by finger providing total support in establishing an enterprise. The support spread covers: conceptualization [ determining activity line and products],technology identification, infrastructure mobilisation, manpower recruitment, loan syndication to project implementation. And of course, identifying partners with expertise and investment for participating in the venture. Further, it does enables constructing the enterprise organically for healthy existence throughout and keeping intact , secure the investment committed. And leads establishing the enterprise in shorter duration of time and at optimum cost.

mbrace startup ecosystem has the leadership, experience, expertise and resources to establish a business of any size from micro, tiny, small, medium to large. Over decades, hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have availed of its services.
to employ, be employed
Opportunity at a striking distance
Who said there is no opportunity ? The contrary is true. What one does not know is where to find the opportunities. You can find it from the resources in mploy. Here are opportunities for all. Irrespective of your age, education, experience, expertise you can find opportunity matching your changing expectations. Not once but everytime you look for a new opportunity. The job positions are aplenty in all levels of hierarchy. There are job openings from positions as chairman and managing director, managing director, director, ceo, president, pro chancellor, vice chancellor at the top management to Deputy managing director, executive director, vice president, chief operating officer, general manager, managers at the middle management to executive, officers, heads in the lower managment to assistants, clerks, helps and attendants in the ground zero of management. Significantly these positions are available across the whole spectrum of business and industry sector and locations are spread accross the geography of india and overseas.Yes with access to mbrace cloud career suite, you are just at a striking distance from an opportunity.

Seize opportunity effortlessly, expenselessly
Finding an applying are primary tasks to kill an opportunity. These tasks are made easy with your access to mploy. Here you find a search engine that can navigate to a right job matching the contours of your curriculum vita with desired compensation package and location wanted.

Once you have identified the job, the immediate task is to apply. Again this task is made simple and effortless. Every employer has a stipulated process to follow for admitting applications. The stipulations range between simple and cumbersome. Simpler are those asking for walk - in with cv, to send cv by post or mail and cumbersome are those asking for online submission appended with documents.The mbracecloud career suite very meticulously has built in such tailored application processes as stipulated by every employer.With you already being armed with CV + cover letter, you have to just follow the process to effectively, absolutely make the submission of application to the targetted employer well ahead of the set last date and at a cost that is 75 % less of the sum you would incur otherwise.That is like offering a moon for asking. You cannot ask for more.
Its celebration of Sports
Sport is also about dreaming big dreams, and making them come true, the drive to getting out there to explore and discover the boundaryless world of infinite possibilities with boundless energy, endless ideas, the courage to making a difference and the capability to setting new benchmarks for others to follow. mbrace Games is conceptualized as the movement promoting sports as a way of life that inspires the passion to start a sporting habit for life, instils sense of confidence and progress.and ignites the power of positive thinking. And incidentally engender a new breed of sportspersons eminently capable to compete successfully against the best in the global arena and bring laurels to our great nation.

mbrace games envisioned with overarching goal to spur the new generation of boys and girls, men and women, able and differently able to become a competitive sportsperson by providing them a sporting platform that offer rigorous competition framework requiring to play rounds after rounds of competitive sport moving up to higher arena of competition from district, state, national to international. The vision is to breaking-through the narrow-set of some half-a-dozen sporting events that we are focussed and encompass the whole gamut of international sporting events for finding, training and grooming talent in each of them. Meaning, organise every single sporting event under games and athletics conducted at the several of the global games and competitions.And the resultant contingent that will leave country shore to participate in the targeted olympics, whcih will have sportspersons ably prepared to compete and succeed in as many of 140 sporting events under 39 sports categories to be hosted and bring home a haul of medals.
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