we follow the technology
At mbrace, we believe in doing what should be done, rather than what has been done. We therefore follow where the technology leads. We focus on today and look beyond tomorrow to tackle the world's most formidable challenges, be they climate change, industries, governance and business development.
mbrace is conceptualized, designed, developed and deployed as an artificially intelligent ecosystem comprising platforms, superapps and standalone applications. The platforms covering health, education, management, jobs and eGovernance. Superapps are the open, omnichannel, lifestyle applications aggregated with services that can be accessed with single sign-on making the life of users easy and convenient without botheration of innumerable clicks and cumbersome navigation, while standalone applications provides various services under several of the categories including communication, fintech and sports.
Human Resources Mobilization Platform
personal & virtual interaction for recruitment enabled
Who said there is no opportunity ? The contrary is true. What one does not know is where to find the opportunities. You can find it from the resources in jobs&jobs. Here are opportunities for all. Irrespective of your age, education, experience, expertise you can find opportunity matching your changing expectations. Not once but everytime you look for a new opportunity. The job positions are aplenty in all levels of hierarchy. There are job openings from positions as chairman and managing director, managing director, director, ceo, president, pro chancellor, vice chancellor at the top management to Deputy managing director, executive director, vice president, chief operating officer, general manager, managers at the middle management to executive, officers, heads in the lower managment to assistants, clerks, helps and attendants in the ground zero of management. Significantly these positions are available across the whole spectrum of business and industry sector and locations are spread accross the geography of india and overseas.Yes with access to jobs&jobs, you are just at a striking distance from an opportunity.
Virtual Hosting Platform
job seeker
job placement enabler
job provider
job provider
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on-cloud, app-driven interoperable mbrace management
Enterprise Resources Planning System
ushers in business process digitization
Now you have to just manage less. Step aside from day-to-day routines, responsibilities. These tasks can be undertaken without your intervention saving time from frittering away and letting you focus on core responsibilities like decision making, strategizing essential for business growth. mbrace management is a massive, comprehensive information framework very meticulously built assimilating finer nuances of processes as insignificant as marking attendance to filling taxation returns. Besides, it has the phenomenal capability to resource big data, perform analytics for informed decision making and produce reports and documents as well essential for further processing internally and for legislative compliance.The system drives the performance of the organization uninterrupted. Thus, the system becomes prime mover and the people its facilitators drawing on the participation of everyone in the hierarchy from top executive to workers and make them work together efficiently and perform tasks and thus emerges the participative, collaborative management doing away with erstwhile water-tight functionalities constraining growth.
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mbrace Global Health System
live life hale, hearty
Leading life with good health without any physical or mental illness is desirable. Precisely myhealth system is about keeping and monitoring good health for the lifetime. To enable this, a host of tools are provided that record and store data including of medication, care processes undergone, personal demography, history: social, medical, surgical, psychological, allergies, images, pathology test results, process to predict, prevent and care oneself to prevent any onset of diseases. Besides having access to resources of health providers in the neighbourhood and rapidly reach for support in the event of emergency.
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making india smart, indians smarter
ecitizen Governance system is designed, developed and deployed as an integrated platform for collaborative interaction between the administrative frameworks identified by hierarchy of the governments constituting a country. The governments are measured by distinguished by the magnitude of authority they hold and dimension of geography. Primarily there are three levels of governments, the federal (union), the provincial (state) and the local. And at the local government, it is futher classified lower units of governance as corporations, municipalities and panchayats to administrater areas delimited into districts, division and towns respectively within a province (state). Needless saying, governments at all levels are directly responsible to citizens, businesses and communities for delivering host of basic services covered under the gamut of sectors including Healthcare, Education, Food Distribution, Electricity, Housing, Employment, Women and Child development, roads ,highways and built infrastructure essential for their socio-economic development on one hand. And on the other, where the services delivery they falls short or fail, provide process for registering grievance for prompt redressal. Besides undertake management of functionalities including human resources | finance | taxation | supply chain | marketing | operations of such establishments, institutions and resources that gets built, developed incidental to providing aforesaid services. Significantly, it is over-the-top deployment of broadband or cellular network with phenomenal digitized capability that integrates the system and brings together the stakehoders.
ecitizen Governance is the boundaryless digitized ecosystem designed to assure ease of collaborations between the stakeholders: the governments to efficiently deliver rapidly evolving largescale basic services needs and the citizens, the businesses and the community to quickly access services and enable uninterrupted communication between them through virtual meeting, mailing and messaging translating into desired, measurable tangible results on the ground such as transparency, participation, local empowerment, demand-responsiveness and greater downward accountability, over time sustainedly.
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Voracious Read
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mbrace Games
explore, enjoy, experience, excel
Wow ! The mbrace games new season gets underway. This is the 1st season of the 14 seasons ending December 2023 in run up to Paris Olympics in July, 2024. The objective is finding talent from among the boys and girls, men and women and able and differently able at the base of the pyramid to groom them into olympic-class sportspersons to represent their countries and bring medals home. Indeed, it is an incredible opportunity to all those playing in their home backyards, neighbourhood public spaces and nearby makeshift courts in recreational parks and looking for a breakthrough opportunity. Rightly, it is to these enthusiastic lot does this sporting platform: mbrace games offers opportunities play competitive sports to demonstrate their talent.
Sport is about dreaming big and persevering to accomplish it. Competing at olympics, the ultimate sporting event of the world, is every sportspersons dream. Though it is true that there are hardly 350 gold medals to be won at an olympiad, the world of sportspersons are working hard unrelentingly to own that coveted medal olympiad after olympiad without giving-up, though losing several times on the way. It is only appropriate that mbrace games has set the ensuing Paris Olympics as target, driving every sportsperson to dream olympic medal and enabling those serious, committed to get groomed into olympic-class sportspersons giving their best try to bring home the gold medal especially.
Incidentally build a contingent resourced with able participants, one better than other, to compete in every sporting event that Paris Olympics shall host.And catapult their country into the top ten olympic medals winning nations in the world. Intentions are good, noble. Actions underway, abound. Outcome should be positive.
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Informal Enterprise Assistance Pathway
the bedrock of entrepreneurial adventure
Infentgrow provides a close-ended channel to communicate, transact and interact with the members of the community helping them to stay informed and connected with happenings and developments
Command Control
Prime mover it is, guided into chartering policy, conduct, rostering, goal settings essential to oversee its manpower and interactions between them smooth, hassleless by meeting their professional needs keeping them as cohesive whole.
product, price, promotion, package, place
Infentgrow provides users intuitive product administration process where they can enlist products, brands, variants, enter prices, receive orders and execute them
message, mail, meet, call
Infentgrow offers the global messaging platform with host of services as text chatting, video meeting, mailing and voice calling enabling communication between the members and customers
sell, buy online
This citizen-centric platform congregates every marginal players from different sectors of the economy: agricultural farming, agri-business, manufacturing, trading, services and facilitating buying and selling products & services required for personal, household, business, farming practices without intermediation and barriers whatsoever.
Fund, Payments, Accounts
send, receive, refund, statements
A digital wallet and online payment system powering in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments which meticulously gets recorded and updates the receivables and payables under several of approved heads that together forms elements of general ledger which transforms into a host of financial statements
Centre for
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (C-END)
Can a lifetime be spent doing routines? Nay you should get-out of the job and get-in to entrepreneurial engagement. Yes, there is risk. But you can tide over it by providing visionary leadership and following good management practices. The risk should not be viewed negatively. There is positive side to it that promises unlimited wealth creation. So the positive could undo the negative. That makes a strong case for becoming smart, global entrepreneur. Should you decide to become one, mbrace startup offers to take you by finger providing total support in establishing an enterprise. The support spread covers: conceptualization [ determining activity line and products],technology identification, infrastructure mobilisation, manpower recruitment, loan syndication to project implementation. And of course, identifying partners with expertise and investment for participating in the venture. Further, it does enables constructing the enterprise organically for healthy existence throughout and keeping intact , secure the investment committed. And leads establishing the enterprise in shorter duration of time and at optimum cost.
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (C-END) has the leadership, experience, expertise and resources to establish a business of any size from micro, tiny, small, medium to large. Over decades, hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have availed of its services.
the virtual meeting platform
Small and medium businesses want to collaborate just like larger enterprises. They may have workers that now have to work remote, even if they never have in the past. This is a critical part of a business continuity plan to continue to serve customers. mbrace tete-a-tete, the communication platform provides high definition enabled online meeting over voice and video chat helping organization stay in touch with its employees. This platform can connect upto 250 participants simultaneously and is delivered over all devices including smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop.
the gated community
Executing, monitoring and controlling the activities of apartment's community day-in-day-out basis without interruption is difficult. mbrace Gated Community, a software-as-a-service format application that integrates the whole spectrum of services to meet the needs of the residents of flats in the house of complex that alone can deliver with able assistance from efficient human resource.
the communication platform
message, mail, meet, call and more
Its designed with intuitive interface including features text chatting, video meeting, mailing, making payments, teleconsulting doctor, online buying goods and services, learning with speed and convenience, storing and retrieving valued personal and business documents on-the-go, buying-selling online and firming up appointment with physician for personal and tele consulting and, all that is just at an effortless click away.
Text Chat messaging between a chosen or group of contacts enabled with processes to send images, audio-video files and other documents between them anywhere, anytime.
Mail to compose, send, receive mails identified by a Unique Mail Locator (UML) with several features as scheduled delivering, organizing mails subject-wise, spam filtering among others
Voice Call puts your calls across globally harnessing voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology without charges whatsoever. The voice is as effective as any local desktop or mobile phone calling system. You should experience it to believe.
Video Call a virtual meeting platform where you can connect your contact for a one-to-one virtual meeting over video anytime.
Documents storing, retrieving enables users to store their testimonials, licenses, important documents securely. It enables rapid retrieval of documents on-the-go for mailing, sharing with contacts.
Make payments is a digital wallet and online payment system to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments
Shop Online one-stop online shopping destination offering the whole gamut of categories comprising innumerable products bundled into each of them.
Consult Doctor inbuilt capability to connect your primary care (family) physician either by the conventional personal consultation mode or virtually tele-consult mode). With this facility active, consulting your doctor is just a click away.
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mbrace global edu open is world class global education institution providing programmes from early childhood education to higher education courses across diverse streams including engineering, management besides providing preparatory programme to prospective aspirants for recruitment exams for union | state government posts and entrance exams for admissions in colleges
Early Childhood
Early Childhood | Pre Primary |
Indeed it is the beginning of induction of toddlers into the formal learning process that is structured in Pre Primary Class. The learning focus is on languages (mother tongue, english), science, technology, environment, arts and mathematics (STEAM) using concepts that are seen, experienced and felt by them in their day to day interaction with people and materials around. The curriculum has been contextually developed using creative, cognizable images that enable self comprehension delivered digitally accessible over devices, smart mobile phone mainly.
Primary - Secondary
Upper Primary | Secondary | Primary |
Primary education, are typically designed to provide students with fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics (i.e. literacy and numeracy) and establish a solid foundation for learning and understanding core areas of knowledge, personal and social development, in preparation for secondary education.The secondary education is usually organized around a more subject-oriented curriculum, introducing theoretical concepts across a broad range of subjects with an increased range of options and streams available
Bachelors | Masters | Doctoral |
Higher education builds on primary - secondary education, providing learning activities in specialised fields of education. It aims at learning at a high level of complexity and specialisation. Higher education includes what is commonly understood as academic education but also includes advanced vocational or professional education. It comprises of degrees of Bachelor's or equivalent level, Master's or equivalent level, and doctoral or equivalent level
Recruitment | Entrance | Eligibility | Competency |
The overaching objective of this mbracePrep is to enable a large chunk of aspirants from state board affliated, non-english medium schools run by the state governments and local bodies getting admitted to prestigious institutions of different sectors, recruitment in state and union government jobs. This target aspirants were at disadvantage disproportionately against those from boards including CBSE, ICSE, IB, Cambridge with sound syllabus-oriented knowledge, good english language skill and affordability to avail expert coaching.
Non Formal
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the lifestyle superapp
my ultimate satisfaction
Emirati is the open, omnichannel, lifestyle superapp that is designed as a platform aggregated with services that can be accessed with single sign-on making the life of users easy and convenient without botheration of innumerable clicks and cumbersome navigation. Thus making life and living of the emiratis easy for their lifetime. In nutshell its one united arab emirates, one app, one login empowering the emiratis to move seamlessly between apps availing services on impulse. And therefore with emirati app loaded onto your mobile phone and held into your fist, you have the world at-your-service at click of a button. The services cover the whole gamut of wants that every emirati seeks during his or her lifetime and includes several of categories as illustrated below.
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The charging infrastructure: Home | Workplace | Apartments | Fleet
Becharged is charging-as-a-service that offers electric users an option to charge their vehicles on-the-go with service available at: Home, Workplace | Apartment and Fleet meeting the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility. Becharged offers a total ev charging solution from compact, high quality AC wallboxes, reliable DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems, we deploy infrastructure that meet the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility.
Home Charging
3 to 22 kW | full charge in 12 hours | convenient charging | compatible with all vehicles
AC wallbox is the best value home charger on the market. It delivers the exceptional quality expected from mbrace in charging with a cost-effective solution. With connectivity and smart functionality, the AC wallbox is built to adapt to deliver the most optimized charge today and into the future. Convenient home charging that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.
Workplace | Apartment Charging
11 to 24 kW | full charge in 4 hours | compatible with all vehicles | fast charging
Destination DC offers a faster charging level than what AC chargers can typically achieve, but has a lower power, footprint, installation and investment cost than higher power DC fast charging systems. These chargers offer typical 11-24kW charging power which is optimal for public commercial complexes, multi-family housing and workplaces
Fleet Charging
50 to 180 kW | full charge in 2 hours | compatible with all vehicles | charges 4 vehicles at a time
DC fast chargers are designed for quick, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models, including those equipped with high- voltage battery systems. The compact size makes it perfect for public and fleet use, while its modularity allows an increase of charging power up to 180 kW and serves up to three electric vehicles at the same time.
Fleet (High Power) Charging
175 to 350 kW+ | full charge in 15 minutes | supports major connectors | charges 4 vehicles at a time
The DC High power is the fastest all-in-one charger on the market delivering up to 360 kW of power and a full charge in less than 15 minutes. Designed around the needs of today?s EV driver, the DC High power charger is a charger for everyone. It can charge 4 vehicles at the same time, can be used to charge both passenger and commercial vehicles, and supports the major charging standards, CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, AC Type-2.?
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mbrace electric
breath healthy, keep environment emission free
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Centre for future mobility in india
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Electric Bus Initiative
mbrace is committed to transitioning the campus bus fleet to electric driven ones that cause zero-emissions thereby cleaning up the air for children commuting by these buses. And of course workplace staff bus fleet as well. Leaving none behind. We share the belief that electric school buses help protect children's health, boost their academic performance and incidentally assist our country reaching its climate and environmental justice goals.
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