combat climate change preparing for the climate crisis
With the climate change, the recurrence of climatic events be they heat, floods, storms, drought, and wildfires are recurring on rising catastrophic scale causing incalculable damage to lives and livelihood. So much so, it is appropriate to call climate crisis requiring a paradigm shift in the perception of the risk and therefore remaining prepared for its combat more by following the mandates pertaining to emission and energy use in personal and business life.
To combat climate change, mbrace energy is engaged in generation, storage and distribution of low-carbon solar energy to provide electrification services to industries, homes and as well as setting up 100% green electric charging infrastructure. Through these actions, we are doing its part to keep the global average temperature this century as close as possible to 1.5 degrees celsius and build a net zero-emission, resilient future and ensuring a healthy, livable planet for generations to come.
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